Directions Personal & Business Development is the consultancy arm of Liferoute, and works with teams and individuals within organisations in a mentoring capacity.

It is an established fact that all individuals, without exception, require six fundamental elements in their lives in order to fully develop, grow and contribute.  And these are to feel Understood, Respected, Loved, Valued, Trusted and Safe.

Much of this can be provided from a working environment that is specifically designed to reflect this through its communication and how it conducts meetings.  However, this cannot be achieved by good intentions alone. Specific mindsets, skills and techniques can be learned that enable everyone to give of their best, and to want to stay with you.

Some examples of the breadth in how we contribute in the workplace.

Cranfield Trust

We are a member of the Cranfield Trust, a national charity and the UK's leading provider of pro bono business support for the voluntary sector.

Building Competitive Advantage (BCA™)

Facilitation to identify what defines and separates you from competition for your business.  (Price is only the defining reason in the absence of any other factors.)

Leadership through Golf

From your golf game, how you think, talk, walk and sulk all reveal personal growth opportunities.

Myers Briggs (MBTI)

We are highly experienced in both delivery and, more importantly, in validation of results. Applications include career guidance, recruitment selection, and as a most effective tool for increased self-awareness and team building at the highest levels within organisations.

Thinking Lunches

The facilitation of an informal, relaxed time for work colleagues to participate in supportive and constructive conversations, or to learn something completely new and ‘out of the box’. Indirectly participants are learning how to better conduct more effective work meetings.


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